Overseas expansion consulting business

We fully support customers who are considering business expansion, overseas expansion, and overseas transactions of Japanese companies on a global scale.
We provide various services for market expansion by leveraging our strengths of having a business track record and a global network that covers the entire region.
Our dedicated staff understands the detailed needs of the company and proposes solutions from market research, logistics / delivery, marketing, and sales.

Middle East :  Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Kuwait.
Europe :
  Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia.
Asia :
  India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines.
North America :
  United States, Canada.
Our overseas global network has many excellent members who are familiar with local culture and business customs and specialize in their respective fields of expertise. By utilizing the abundant practical experience and know-how for various services, we have realized high value-added services.

Utilizing our overseas global network, we will provide accurate support that will lead your company's overseas business to success, from concrete overseas expansion plans, careful preparations with an eye on after expansion, and sales promotion activities after full-scale expansion.

Overseas expansion support business

There are many companies that see the expansion of sales channels overseas as a big opportunity, but overseas businesses are more likely to have "deviations" due to differences in information accuracy than domestic businesses, and it is necessary to correct those deviations. Is not easy. Therefore, improving the accuracy of information at each step is the most important key to the success of overseas business.


Information that leads to a concrete image of advancement will be reported by directly obtaining the latest information from the local area through our overseas global network.


What are the tax systems and incentives for establishing new companies, branches and offices?

What are the local business practices and distributions?

How are the competitors behaving?

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Market research business

The reputation of Japanese products and Japanese-style services from around the world is increasing year by year.

I want to do test marketing to evaluate the marketability before expanding overseas. I want to develop overseas business partners (sales agents), but I can't tell which companies can collaborate or have a competitive relationship. We will solve the problems of companies considering overseas expansion one by one and lead to success.

Understand the market position of competitors

It is a useful means to quickly detect the flow of products and services. Includes information such as market share and major competitors' target customers.
Understanding the management system of competitive investigation

It is possible to consider hypotheses that will give you great management hints, such as the organizational structure, sales, operating profit, and production system of rival companies. Understanding the management style of competitors can be useful as a valuable business model.
Know your perception of your company from a competitor's perspective

By knowing the positional relationship with rival companies in detail, you can utilize it for more multifaceted analysis. Specifically, competitive awareness and positioning of your company is indispensable for determining the direction, differentiating yourself from other companies, and verifying the validity of your strategy.

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Overseas business partner (sales agent) brokerage business

Business matching between overseas companies and Japanese companies will bring about overseas sales and business expansion. I want to sell my products overseas without establishing a new company / branch / office, but I don't know what to do. I want to develop overseas business partners (sales agents), but I can't tell which companies can collaborate or have a competitive relationship. When considering a business partner, various problems arise.

We will solve the problems of companies considering overseas business partners (distributors) one by one and lead to success.

Competitive Alliance Strategy / Partner Analysis

Analyzing partnerships between companies is an important way to understand the flow of the industry. Competitive research analyzes competitors' partners, mediates trusted business partners (distributors), and helps you develop your alliance strategy.