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News of Nail Salon Media from Mirai Group Japan

Why don't you use nail salons nationwide to promote your company's products, brands and shop advertisements?

Mirai Group Japan is a media that can be expected to have a high degree of appeal and recognition.

Help your business.

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Video promotion using digital devices

Mirai Group Japan uses a digital device installed in a contract nail salon and uses a video

We are carrying out a promotion.

By having the customers of the nail salon watch the video during the treatment,

You can expect high recognition and deep understanding.

You can't leave the place like a TV commercial by your own will, click like Youtube

You can't skip by one. It will be a very effective promotion.

High visibility and appeal.

Customers who are undergoing nail treatment have no way to spend time during the treatment because their hands are blocked and magazines, books, smartphones, etc. cannot be used for a long time.

Mirai Group Japan's Nail Salon Media can achieve high appeal because it uses the time in between to make nail salon customers almost forcibly see it.


[Flow of nail salon treatment]



During this time, both hands are blocked
60 minutes
  ~  120 minutes
Viewing time



You can enjoy watching videos with lots of interesting contents.

Video 1 Roll contains content and promotional videos for companies and brands. The length of the video is about 40 minutes. Content that women are interested in, such as fashion, cooking, and beauty, will be prepared in it, and promotional videos of each company and brand will be inserted before and after that.

This one-roll video is repeated two to three times in one treatment.


Ten 30-second promotions are available for one roll of video content.


Increasing number of nail salon users.

The number of users and the amount of money used at nail salons is increasing year by year.

In particular, the usage rate for people in their twenties has been the highest in recent years.

Recently, the number of young male users is increasing, and the number of male and female users is increasing.


The usage rate of women in their 20s is the highest.


The average annual usage rate for women is 4.87 times a year. 18.8% of people use it more than once a month.


The amount of money used by women per use is increasing year by year,

It can be said that many nail salon users have relatively large disposable income.


June 2020

Stock Association Recruit Lifestyle


[Cosmetology Census 1st 2020] From << Nail Salon Edition >>

[View count and area]

Mamirai Group Japan Nail Salon Media devices are installed in 100 popular salons in Higashi-Meihan.

If the treatment is 90 minutes per person and the rotation is about 6 times a day, the number of video views is 12 times per unit.

With 100 units, the number of views will be about 1200.

Since the promotion video playback time is 600 seconds in 90 minutes

Total video playback time for 100 devices is 360,000 seconds per day

If it is one month, it will be about 3000 hours of viewing time.


Distribution for areas, salons, and devices is also possible!




This is a type in which a 30-second promotional video is played once for each roll of video, and twice during the procedure.

Price: ¥ 360,000

Number of units delivered: 100 units Delivery period: 36,000 times per month



It is a type that all one company occupies the promotion video in one roll video.

You can change the content of the delivered videos one by one.

Price: ¥ 1,800,000

Number of units delivered: 100 units Delivery period: 360,000 times per month



This is a type in which a 30-second promotional video is played once for each roll of video.

You can choose from the metropolitan area, Tokai, and Kinki areas.

◆ Metropolitan area

Price: ¥ 90,000

Number of units delivered: 50 units Delivery period: 18,000 times per month

◆ Tokai area

Price: ¥ 36,000

Number of units delivered: 20 Delivery period: 7,200 times per month

◆ 30 Kinki area devices

Price: ¥ 54,000

Number of units delivered: 30 units Delivery period: 7,200 times a month


We also respond to various requests with other budgets.

Please feel free to contact us.



◆ Customers who do not have a video can make a video.

◆ It is also possible to distribute flyers and samples that match the promotional videos.

◆ We also accept video production according to the promotion.