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Is Japan visa open now?

Japan has barred all foreign travelers, including business people and students once again due to the Omicron variant, . Here are all the details on travel restrictions, flights, hygienic hotels, outbreak information and safe travel tips.

At present, few foreign nationals are permitted to enter Japan. Returning foreign residents are permitted entry but must get permission in advance from a Japanese consulate or embassy. Additionally, children and spouses of Japanese nationals will be special exceptions , but they must apply in advance at a Japanese embassy or consulate. Foreign tourists are still not permitted from entering Japan.

Currently, business travelers and students from abroad with appropriate visas are allowed to enter Japan. Foreign tourists are still not allowed to enter Japan.

It is advised to check the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) website for the updates. Should you find the website confusing, you might also want to call the Japanese embassy or consulate nearest you.

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