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Japan Pavilion, EXPO 2020 DUBAI

"The Japanese pavilion at Dubai expo 2020 was very exceptional, it was one of the most unique experiences for visitors" our CEO Ismail reports from Japan Pavillion EXPO 2020 DUBAI UEA.

Where ideas meet

Since ancient times, encounters with external influences have played a key role in the development of Japanese culture and learning, as ideas from the outside have been embraced and reinterpreted to create something new and uniquely Japanese.

Moving towards the future, Japan will continue to be a place where ideas from around the world meet. And by bringing these ideas together to spark new innovation, Japan will work to create a better tomorrow.

A diverse range of Japanese content centered around the theme “Where ideas meet” is presented as an exciting exhibition utilizing cutting-edge technologies. You could gain a sense of how new interactions could lead to a better future through exchange of ideas – as has been the case historically in Japan. You also can post your own ideas and thoughts, paving the way for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai to be held in Japan.

Once-only experience created from visitor activity / an immersive realm of mist

Bespoke smartphones was lent out to me, which keep track of what I've shown interest in, and apparently the data will be used to create a finale specific to that day and time.

Video projection in a space filled with cool, ultra-fine mist helps visualise three-dimensional art in an immersive experience.

Scene1. Encountering Japan

Entering the Japanese Pavilion, stepping into the fog-filled, light-filled space, I am greeted by a dynamic visual experience that envelops all visitors. Since ancient times, Japan has lived in awe of and in harmony with its harsh natural environment. This is the beginning of a journey that will take you through the story of encounters that Japan has had from distant times to the present day.

Scene2. Culture and history

A group of giant screens floating in the darkness. At a time when there was no calendar, the Japanese found their calendar in the flowers that bloomed each season. Encounters with the continent along the ancient Silk Road, encounters with modernity during the Age of Discovery... Japan has developed its own culture by combining wisdom and technology from abroad with traditional Japanese sensibilities. In this exhibition we will see how Japan has been transformed by a series of fateful encounters.

Scene3. Innovation

A unique and elaborate collection of Japanese models based on the ancient Japanese art of "MITATE", which is a technique of expressing one thing by another to expand the imagination. The exhibition consists of four areas: "Space", "Sea", "City" and "Earth". From ancient times to the modern era, the changes brought about by "encounters" have been passed on to the present day, and visitors will be able to experience modern Japanese technology that contributes to the world, including technology that learns from nature and products inspired by traditional Japanese culture.

Scene4. Issues

Surrounded by mirrors, a picture emerges of the Earth today, with all its problems. Deforestation, ocean pollution, economic disparity, hunger... Society is changing rapidly, but at the same time there are many challenges. Today, as the world is globally connected, there is a global need for solutions. In a mirrored space of infinite reflection, we can see ourselves reflected in the images and look at our present.

Scene5. Where ideas meet

Visitors gather in a 360-degree all-round theatre, with the figure of the Earth floating in the centre and surrounding it. The climax is formed by the people gathered on that day and at that time, analysing the actions that visitors have taken along the way. People with diverse personalities and sensitivities meet here and new ideas are born. They begin to work together towards a better future for our planet. This is the first step towards creating the world of the future.

Scene6. Designing Future Society for Our Lives - EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai

The next stage is Japan. The aspirations for the future will lead to 2025. At the Osaka-Kansai Expo, the

ideas, actions and challenges of people from all over the world will meet and merge. From this place, the first steps towards a future where life shines brightly will be born, and each person's thoughts will be shared and gathered to shape the next Expo.

Kaiten Sushi chain Sushiro opens its first restaurant in the Middle East to serve visitors

As the first revolving sushi restaurant to open in the Middle East, Japanese pavilion restaurant Sushiro offers approximately 120 items on its menu, all of which are made with Halal ingredients to ensure that Muslims can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. In addition to the popular Japanese quality dishes such as "Tuna" and "Shrimp Avocado", Sushiro also offers the Dubai Expo original "Tuna Avocado Roll" and Chicken Salt White Soup Ramen.

Mirai Group Japan is here to support you in your quest for access to the Japanese market. We help you identify innovative products and services from Japan that are not easy to find from outside.

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