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How advanced is Japanese Technology?

When anyone mentions Japan we directly think of the best country in technology in the world. Everyone knows that Japan is a superpower in technology and competes with the biggest countries in the world but how advanced is Japanese technology really?

With the 3rd largest economy in the world, Japan is considered to be the most advanced technological country in the world. After World war II and with the ban on military development Japan turned towards developing its youth and currently has one of the best universities in the world. This new strategy slingshot the country to become the leader in technologies by the mid-’80s. Japan still to this day focuses on developing its youth by spending more than 3.59% on education.

Although more than 93% of the Japanese population use technologies in their daily activities, Japan is still considered to be weak on creativity level since the companies focus on existing technology and develop it to the point where no possible improvement can be applied. This fact signifies that although the Japanese work on perfecting current technologies, they often find themselves trailing behind on new inventions (behind America and China).

When examining the technologies in Japan we can easily conclude that although they try to integrate their inventions into the daily life of the population, they focus on the luxury side instead of the practical one. For example, while Japan has integrated hotel robots to serve the guests, China has integrated artificial intelligence to serve and protect the people by serving with the law enforcement units. Another example is the round shape keyboard which, although making typing in Japanese faster and easier, is still not used globally and is restricted to the local market.

In conclusion, we can say that Japan is trailing behind America and China but in close proximity. In order to conquer the competition, the Japanese need to improve their creativity in making new technologies that are as advanced as the ones they are currently using.

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