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why is Gucci made in japan?

Gucci, one of the most prestigious names in the fashion industry worldwide, is being manufactured in JAPAN !!! Is this true?? Why would the Italian famous brand choose Japan to manufacture its products??

When we read the slogan “made in Japan” we instantly know that this product is made by the best-trained workers and the best available quality. This slogan became a general truth known to every single market in the world and all manufacturing markets aspire to reach the same reputation in the manufacturing businesses. Despite all that the Japanese people faced in World War II, from the 2 nuclear bombs to the loss of a huge number of casualties in the battles, the resilience and the discipline of the people which is an integral part of their culture helped them regain balance and achieve the impossible. This inherited trait made the Japanese community thrive and affected all the living aspects of the people from the smallest point to the biggest and thus created the ultimate truth: Japanese products are the best in every way.

That being said, the famous brand Gucci is trying a new marketing strategy to niche itself from the competition by adding exclusivity to the already unique product. Being considered a luxury brand Gucci is trying to separate itself from its competitors by using the famous Japanese slogan to stress the fact that we are becoming a brand everybody should desire because of the name and the quality of the product.

In my humble opinion, Gucci is trying to associate itself with the high standard of Japanese manufacturing to emphasize a new desired fact: Gucci will be the best fashion brand in the world and all competitors will have to face a “stronger” and “better” product.

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