HOCHOU - Japanese kitchen knifes - work of art

Located in the heart of the iconic Tsukiji Outer Market is a historic knifemaker, whose devotion to the blade goes back generations, even to the time of the samurai when they made Japanese swords called katana.

Even if the blades today are not made for use in battle, they are still of battle-ready quality because of their durability and sublime cutting edge.

Their longest blades, about one meter, can now be found in markets and department stores where they are used to dissect great maguro (tuna), and in their store they are joined by racks upon racks of shining blades of all shapes and sizes.

Thieir clientele extends well beyond the seasoned fishmongers in the Tsukiji store’s immediate vicinity—from top chefs at luxury restaurants who demand perfection to casual cooks who just want an all-purpose blade that is a pleasure to use.

While in Japan discussions of kitchen knives focus mainly on function, most people from abroad view the Japanese knife first and foremost as a thing of beauty.

From the bold and often angular shapes to the waves in the steel spreading out from the cutting edge, Japanese knives in general, and Their knives in particular, have an aura about them.

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