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Our Products 

Mirai Group Japan Co., Ltd. aims to bring happiness to everyone.
Magel Nails Products will make women smile by making their nails more beautiful and VIP BILLIONAIRES can make your status like successful business people with our high fashion accessories and highly functional stationery.
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Nails Products

We make and sell various nails products such as top coats, base gel with brand name "Magel" to supply to nails salons.
Magel nails products are being used in almost all famous nails salons all over Japan and be loved by so many nailists. 

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Top Gel
The best recommendation for Nail salon. The shinny lasts long and has no curing heat. 

Base Gel
All features in one with beauty, shiny, easy to use and lasting long. The beautiful shine lasts for about 4 weeks. 

Colorful Base
A base gel that combines a base gel and a color gel. The beautiful luster and shine lasts for about 4 weeks.

Diamond Gel
It reflects strongly and shines like a fine particle diamond when hit by a flash.

Cuticle Nippers
"Professional quality" nippers.
Made of metal with excellent sharpness, excellent durability, and less fatigue even after long-term use.

Cuticle Pusher
It fits any type of nail that is both easy to use and functional, and can cleanly remove cuticles.

Ultra Cuticle Pusher 
The cutting edge is compact and the nail technician can handle it carefully so that it can be used comfortably.


VIP Billionaires, as its name says, is a VIP club for the elite members of society.
It is where the most influential, rich and famous entrepreneurs meet and share their success stories. 


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Recommended for wealthy and successful businessmen and ambitious entrepreneurs.
The club also VIPs fashion accessories and top quality business gear that you can wear as a proof of success.
  Available under the BILLIONAIRES brand name.

Watch bands, belts, bracelets, shoes, etc. of Apple Watch made with the finest leather and attention to detail by Japanese craftsmen one by one .

A stand for tablets, mobile phones, and personal computers with high design and functionality .