Content usage agreement


You and Mirai Group Japan agree to use the video content you publish on your Youtube channel as follows.


Article 1 Content rights and licenses

You retain ownership of your content. However, the following certain rights shall be granted to Mirai Group Japan.

By providing content to Mirai Group Japan, you grant Mirai Group Japan a license to use the content on the entertainment distribution channel for nail salons operated and managed by Mirai Group Japan. Suppose.


Article 2 Guarantee

You own the copyright of this content, and Mirai Group Japan states that the use of this content does not infringe the copyright, intellectual property rights, or other rights of third parties (hereinafter referred to as "copyright, etc."). It shall be guaranteed to.


Article 3 Validity period

The validity period of this agreement shall be one year from the date of conclusion. However, it shall be automatically renewed for one year unless you or Mirai Group Japan indicate your intention to cancel by one month before the expiration of the period, and the same shall apply thereafter. However, you understand and agree that Mirai Group Japan may retain a server copy of the video you provide after cancellation. In this case, the videos you hold will not be displayed, distributed or performed.


Article 4 Cancellation of consent

You or Mirai Group Japan may terminate this Agreement if you or Mirai Group Japan violate any of the provisions of this Agreement.


Article 5 Confidentiality

You and Mirai Group Japan must not divulge any information, knowledge, construction methods, techniques, or business secrets that you have learned in connection with the fulfillment of this agreement, even after the end of this agreement.