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Don’t miss this train!
Best opportunity to bring Japan to your country

We’re expanding our market to the Middle East and looking for distributors and franchise partners in the area.
Get hands on one of the top J-beauty brands [Majestic Beauty] NOW before someone else gets it and dominates your market, to make an explosive buzz.
J-beauty is already super-popular in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, all of Asia.  


Be the 1st in the Middle East

Dubai City View

In the Middle East, Japan feels like a far country, maybe like a fantasy land.  You can buy Japanese cars and TVs but Japan has much more to offer than that.  Foreign tourists who visit Japan call it “Planet Japan”.  To some, it’s a wonderland and to others, another planet.  It’s not easy for the people of the Middle East to travel to Japan, that’s the very reason you should start bringing Japan to your country.  It will be like sprinkling water in the desert.

If Japan makes something,
it’s got to be perfect.

It’s the mentality of Japanese, if Japanese get to work, it must be done perfectly, yielding the best result that could be achieved.  That’s one of the reasons Japanese are 'workaholics'.  They don’t quit until they are satisfied with their works, even if they have to work overtime.


Chinese tourists buy as much as they can carry in Japan

Because of the quality, safety and precision, Japan is an amazing country to shop beauty products.  Japan has one of the most strict levels of regulations in the world.  It’s only Inevitable the products result in award winning best quality.  That does not stopat only beauty products.  Before the pandemic, Chinese tourists came to Japan carrying as many empty suitcases as possible.  They buy as much goods as they can stuff in the suitcases.  For them, Japanese brands are proof of their status, success and wealth, with highest quality, safety and precision.

These are only a few examples of what we can offer
Want something else?  You name it, we'll get it for you

Majestic Beauty


Premium Beauty For you 

Majestic Beauty has an extensive network of beauty salons over Asia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Japanese hospitality and service is again perfect.  It is very popular among people of higher class. 



We love Nails

magel logo 1.jpg

Magel is the leading companies in Nail industry in Japan, Magel's creative and skillful specialists have spent many years to research and develop the best quality products so that customers can enjoy fashionable and sophiscated design

Get in Touch

Interested in getting Japanese products, services, franchise or partners?  You've come to the right place.  Give me your contact info and we'll get back to you with massive opportunity.

Thanks for getting in touch, our team member will contact you back ASAP.

VIP Billionaires

VIP Billionaires - Influential and Affluent Achievers

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VIP Billionaires, as its name says, is a VIP club for the elite members of society.

It is where the most influential, rich and famous entrepreneurs meet and share their success stories.

Majestic Cosme

Magic Drops from the future

Bringing you the “14 Day Miracle”

Our newly developed beauty serum gives you clear results in just 14 days!

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