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Equipment for recording the application of medicines

Loglee is a device that senses information about the use of ointments. It was invented by 3 university students and won an award in last year's GUGEN hardware innovation competition in Japan.

Loglee is a device that allows people suffering from dermatitis, such as atopic dermatitis, to record what type of ointment they have used, when and for how long.

The information about the medicine and the exact time is recorded by just placing the medicine container on the device after the application. The amount used is also detected by a sensor that records the weight. A Wi-Fi connection allows the data to be shared with the patient's doctor or hospital via the internet.

image from GUGEN ©


The device was developed by Team Loglee of 3 Hosei University students, 中橋侑里, 兵藤遥. 藤田朋大. Each of them had a family member or someone close to them who suffered from dermatitis and wanted to find a solution. It took them about a year to develop the device, and they were able to produce a prototype.

As part of the treatment of chronic skin diseases, it is recommended to keep a diary of medications used, itching and other daily conditions. The diary can then be submitted to your doctor to monitor your condition and help them decide which medication to prescribe.

youtube by 藤田朋大


There are already apps available to make it easier to fill in the diary, but you still have to record every time you apply a medicine.

With the product 'Loglee' you simply place the medicine container on the product and record the type of medicine and the time and amount applied. The record is sent via WiFi to the web so that the doctor can check it at any time.

In addition, when the medicine is placed on the product, the object (the flower part) will shake, so that the child can enjoy the act of applying the medicine.

It is targeted parents of child patients suffering from skin diseases who use ointments on a daily basis. The system reduces the burden on parents who treat skin diseases by eliminating the need to record after application and by encouraging children to apply the medication themselves. It is also aimed to provide information from the automatic recording to doctors to better support long-term treatment at home.

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