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Which laptops are made in Japan?

When someone mentions Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is high quality and technological advancements. Little wonder then that for laptops too Japanese brands would be trusted all over the world.

Japan is known for prioritizing functionality and features. Their designs are often minimalistic. However, the designs carry a sense of aesthetics that is simple yet appealing. In most laptops in Japan, simple designs stand out. You can expect to see sharp angles, sleek bodies, and intuitive designs. Most laptops are shipped overseas from Japan.


Sony incorporated Vaio as their computer brand in 1996. However, as of 2014, it became an independent brand. The headquarters are in Nagano, Japan, and the brand serves the region of Asia, the USA, Europe, and South America. The manufacturing takes place in Japan. The expert teams work on the designs and making of the laptops. The processes make use of superior Japanese technology and aesthetics.


Fujitsu was established in 1935. The company values innovation and believes in customer-friendly solutions that make a difference. It leverages available technology to create sustainable solutions that empower the users.


Panasonic is an old and well-reputed company in Japan. The company’s philosophy is to constantly improve upon its products through research. They focus on the design and the technology. Panasonic Japan makes all their laptops in their factory in Kobe. The Japanese quality and efficient production processes create laptops that customers trust and love.


Toshiba is a well-known Japanese brand even outside of Japan. Toshiba stopped manufacturing new laptops as of August 2020. Their laptops are still in use and some models that were manufactured before the operations ceased are still present in the market.

GM Japan

GM Japan bases its philosophy for laptop manufacturing on four pillars: maintainability, functionality, design, and convenience. They make laptops that are lightweight and at the same time affordable. They also ensure that their products carry the legacy of Japanese technology and superior quality.


Kohjinsha is a lesser-known Japanese brand of laptops. However, the brand is famous within the Japanese borders. They make laptops with screen sizes under 11 inches. Currently, these laptops are not available outside of Japan, but if you ever visit the country, be sure to try one.

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