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Dubai Expansion
Dubai, UAE

Our business consulting services specialize in helping Japanese companies expand sales and develop their operations in overseas markets. In the past, we have guided many Japanese companies to success, multiplying sales and promoting growth by connecting them with major overseas distributors. Our mission is to "support the growth of Japanese companies and promote their wonderful products around the world as future global business partners."

Our strengths

The success of our consulting services is based on two factors:

1, Experienced consultant team:

Our experts with many years of experience and track record in global expansion will support you in achieving your goals. We leverage our industry expertise to provide strategic advice and concrete implementation plans.

2, Extensive network:

We have a global distribution network, including the Middle East, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States. Through this strong partnership, we provide support for Japanese companies to expand into diverse markets.


<Recommended for these people>

✓I want to expand overseas, but I don't know which country is best

✓We have expanded overseas, but are struggling to hire locally.

✓I would like to request direct consulting

✓I want the latest local information and advice on content that cannot be found on the internet.

Service list


Overseas expansion consulting

We provide comprehensive consulting services to help Japanese companies plan and implement optimal overseas expansion strategies. Through market research, competitive analysis, and market research, we identify optimal locations and develop strategies for success. We work closely with our clients to provide strategies tailored to their needs.


Acquiring human resources overseas

We provide support for Japanese companies to recruit excellent human resources overseas. We design recruitment processes that match our clients' business needs and connect them with the best candidates. We can also assist you with visa procedures and immigration support. We support the success of global expansion by incorporating human resources with highly specialized knowledge and language skills into our clients' businesses.


HP translation (expression adjustment)

In order to successfully expand overseas, it is important to provide an attractive website to local customers. Through website translation and localization, we accurately convey the message of Japanese companies and provide content that is appropriate for local culture and language. This makes your products and services more attractive to local customers and ensures your global competitiveness.


Establishment of overseas offices

We provide necessary procedures and legal support when Japanese companies establish overseas bases. We support smooth expansion by providing visa arrangements, labor law compliance, and office establishment support tailored to the local business environment. Based on our clients' requirements and goals, we identify the most suitable locations and achieve efficient and effective expansion.


Market research/data analysis

Before expanding into overseas markets, we conduct detailed market research and data analysis. This in-depth research allows you to proactively understand market conditions and competitive information to make strategic decisions. We use the latest tools and techniques to understand market needs and trends and provide our clients with the most effective approach.


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