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Japanese Beauty Products

Welcome to the Product Page of Mirai Group Japan, your source for the best in Japanese beauty products. We are proud to be the exclusive agent and owner of several top brands made in Japan and enjoyed by customers around the world.

Our brands are carefully curated to deliver only the highest quality products, all made with the finest ingredients and backed by the latest technology.

Discover the best of Japan with our brands. Each brand offers a unique range of products designed to meet your specific needs and preferences, with a focus on quality and results.

At Mirai Group Japan, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Browse our range of products today and discover the best of Japan for yourself.

Nail Products

Gel nail products Magel Nail

Magel Nail

Anti-aging skin care products


Majestic Cosme

Nail Products

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Magel Nail

Magel is a nail brand born from the voices of nail artists. High quality, affordable and innovative, Magel products offer a wide range of nail care essentials, including gels and tools.
Products made from a salon manager's perspective will become your must-have products in terms of store turnover and costs. Top Gel, which does not feel curing heat, is a long-selling product that is used by many nail salons and has received high praise from both manicurists and customers.

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