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Made in Japan: Quality to be reckoned with

Japan was not always known for its quality products. During the post World War II period, Japan, in its mission to rebuild the country, went on the path of producing consumer goods to boost its economy. However, its goods were not considered to be of high-quality, much like what China is going through currently. As a result of this, the Japanese manufacturers decided to transform their manufacturing processes and assume the approach of “total quality.” This approach was based on “improving all organizational processes through the people who used them.” It allowed them to achieve high-quality goods without drastically increasing the prices, especially in the consumer electronics and automobile industries. The products gained recognition for their quality on a global platform.

Till today, no matter the sector, the “Made in Japan” tag leads one to think of superior quality and long-lasting products. Each design and product in Japan stands for “painstaking, meticulous craftsmanship, consistency, quality, and trustworthy products made by senseis (masters) of their respective industries.” As a result, in today’s world where most products are labeled “Made in China,” it is refreshing to see the “Made in Japan” tag, as it instantly evokes the image of high quality. Even though the price may be high, one who is willing to buy “Made in Japan” over “Made in China” is certainly looking at the quality and not the price. And the market for this group of people may be less, but it certainly exists.

One of the most popular reasons behind the high cost of Japanese goods and services is the unparalleled precision and quality that goes into their products. Perfection and mastery of craft is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, and it shows in the superior quality of the products that they produce.

As the spending capacity of individuals increases and people are able to afford higher-priced products, the move is naturally toward the direction of higher quality products, that is, products that last long, have multiple features and are, quite simply, superior. This change in consumer behavior is making more and more people opt out of buying “Made in China” and buying more of “Made in Japan.”

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